A multi-sensory experience

Southern Centre. Multi sensory experience.
  • Interactive equipment and a relaxed pace of play is what makes the Southern Centre's multi-sensory experience so special.

    A sensory room is a safe environment designed to encourage brain activity. This is often through special lighting, music, smells and objects. It's a social and relaxed environment that helps lower stress levels. 

  • Sensory rooms are truly for everyone. They are a valuable tool for children and adults of all abilities, including people with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and mental health conditions. The benefits that users experience are far-reaching, but most importantly it's always a fun visit!

    Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre has Christchurch's very own multi-sensory room. The Southern Centre uses innovative lighting and sound technology which allows participants to explore and create at the touch of a switch.

  • Interactive equipment allows participants to feel vibrations, touch different textures, change lighting effects and experience different smells.

    It's a unique facility that caters for the needs of its users, empowering them to control their own play environment. Sessions run for 30 minutes with a staff member in the room to help familiarise everyone with the features.

    Let your friends and family know about the Southern Centre, but don't forget to book first. A quick call and a small fee are all that's needed for an interactive session with us.

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