Getting your child involved in surf life saving

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  • Kiwi summers are spent at the beach, but the beach can be dangerous. Getting involved in Surf Life Saving is the best way of getting to know the risks so you and your family can enjoy the sun, sea and surf safely.

    Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLNZ) have been educating kiwis about water safety since 1910 - that’s over 100 years.

    SLNZ offer a junior surf program starting from the age of seven, these are based at your local club and consist of five levels.

    Check out the SLNZ map of  local clubs for Christchurch.

    The skills learned in the Swimsmart classes at your local Recreation and Sport Centre pool tie in well with Surf Life Saving and can help your child to survive in the water. 

    Check out today and find your local club, and Learn to swim to find out more about the Swimsmart programme.