Tumbletimes fun at home: Out and about

Tumbletimes. Fun activity for pre schoolers.
  • Movement is essential in the first five years of our lives as it builds critical pathways in the brain. To help your child’s development, as well as support their mental and physical wellbeing, we’ve created a collection of fun activities you can do at home.

  • Scavenger hunt

    Create a list of things your child might find in your garden or out on a walk. Explore your garden with your child to see if they can collect everything on the list.

    Suggestions for items could be objects such as a leaf, stone or acorn.

    Develops sight, movement and language.

    Eye spy

    Similar to the scavenger hunt, create a list of things to spot on a walk or out in your garden.

    Ask your child if they can spot something blue, something round, something smaller then a cat etc.

    You can also take photos as they find each item.

    Develops sight, movement and language.

    Adventure stories

    Act out an adventure story that engages your child with the environment they are in.

    For example, play ‘We’re all going on a bear hunt’ to explore different areas of your garden, or on a walk around your local neighbourhood, acting out the story - walking through short grass, hiding behind trees and safely crossing the road.

    Develops language and movement.

    Alphabet walk

    Next time you are out and about in your local neighbourhood, why not try spelling out the alphabet using the letters you come across in street signs, license plate numbers and shops signs?

    You can make it harder by claiming only one letter from a sign or limiting the types of things you gather letters from. Older children might like to compete to see who can spell the alphabet the quickest.

    Develops sight, movement, language and concentration.

    Colour walk

    It’s autumn and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of orange and yellow. On your next walk, why not take some colourful items with you to match to things you see in nature. Duplo or lego are good for this.

    It’s a great way to appreciate the season change and you’ll be surprised at how many matches you find.

    Develops movement, sight and concentration.

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