Simple water safety for under fives

  • Swimming pools, beaches, rivers and lakes are not necessarily the only places drowning can occur.

    For a toddler a bath at home, the toilet, a paddling pool out on the lawn or bucket of water to wash the car can put your child at risk.

    Drowning is more likely to occur when a child is out of reach or sight of a parent or caregiver, therefore constant supervision is the only real way of ensuring a child’s safety.

    Simple at home safety measures can save lives.

    Be prepared with our safety tips

    • Always empty paddling pools and water containers immediately after use and store away.
    • Set rules for safe play in or near the water with your child, for example “Never go near the water unless you are with a grown-up”.
    • Always have children within arm’s reach in and around a swimming pool.
    • Don’t always rely on “floatation” devices to keep your child safe, stay close to them at all times.
    • Ensure all pools and spas are fenced and meet the requirements’ of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987.
    • Keep doors to the laundry, toilet and bathroom closed at all times.
    • Being prepared. Learning CPR is a great way to ensure you have the skills to deal with an emergency.

    Water Safety New Zealand has online resources and tips that can help educate parents and caregivers on water safety in the home and at pools, lakes, beaches or rivers.

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