Starting young with water confidence

Boy Swimming
  • The earlier a child is introduced to water the more likely they are of becoming water confident.

    Introduce your child to water in the familiar surroundings of their own home or local pool.

    Supervision of your child is critical at all times when water is involved.

    Bath time

    With a sponge or cup gently trickle water over your child’s head and body. Help get them ready for the pouring water by using a cue phrase. One example is “child’s name, 1, 2, 3, go”. This helps a child to become more familiar with water.

    Singing songs

    Songs can be adapted to fit any water movement. 'The wheels on the bus' arms going around, the wipers swish back and forward, the horn goes beep beep as we splash the water. Use a song your child knows and your imagination!

    Outside fun

    Paddling pools and buckets provide lots of fun.  Pouring, splashing, blowing bubbles and floating activities are popular. Use the garden hose to create rain and let the children run in and out. Create a fun and safe experience with water.

    The local pool

    Christchurch City Council has five facilities that have multi use pools. They are designed for children to experience water in a fun and safe way.

    A great way to start is to attend a Bubbletimes or Sleepytimes class. These are on a casual basis and will help build your preschooler's water confidence.

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