Cardio or weights?

Group fitness, High intensity interval training.
  • Cardio

    To lose weight, the calories you consume must be less than the calories you expend. Cardio can help with burning calories and getting you closer to your weight goal.

    The beauty is that there are lots of fun and varied ways of getting your heart rate up.

    Spin is a great way to get sweating – good for those that really want to kick their cardio up a gear.

    If you're looking to unwind, Zumba is a favourite way of combining both exercise and a good time.

  • Weight training

    On the other hand, weight training can be just as beneficial for weight loss.

    Muscle mass requires more energy for maintenance. What this means is that the more muscle your body has, the more calories your body uses up when resting.

    For those after a toned look, include some resistance training in your routine. If you want to train smart, head along to one of our Pump classes. When you're short on time, make sure to try our Core Zone classes for a quick and targeted workout.

    Balance is key. It’s important to include both cardio and weight training into your workout for overall health. Variety is good for your body, and makes you more likely to stick to your programme too.

    Find both cardio and weight-based exercises that you enjoy and you'll look forward to heading to the gym.

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