Tips for new runners

Running Article
  • If you are starting to run outside or in the gym here are a few vital tips to help your performance.

    • Strengthen your leg muscles with regular gym workouts; this will improve your running performance.
    • Vary the terrain you run on. If you mainly run outside it’s good to use a treadmill every so often as it’s less impact on your joints and roughly 10 to 20 per cent easier. The same applies if you normally run on treadmills, head outside and work your muscles more. Mix it up with the terrain you run - grass, gravel and tarmac.
    • When beginning your running regime, remember to take it slowly. Aim to increase your running time around 10 per cent per week, this will help you avoid running injuries such as shin splints and runners knee.
    • Start with easy interval training such as running to one street light and walking to the next, then repeat.
    • Keep a steady pace you can hold. Use the talk test; you should still be able to talk while jogging and not be puffing or gasping for breath.
    • Set a goal or fun run to aim for. Having a goal in mind provides motivation to run and makes running more rewarding.
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