Why weight train?

Weight Training
  • Misconceptions about weight lifting are common. The truth is that everyone could benefit from adding weight training into their exercise routine.

    Weight lifting can be intimidating when you are new to it, but you'll soon find that it's well worth the effort.

    The benefits of weight training are:

    Fights osteoporosis

    As you get older, and particularly for women, it's natural for your body to lose muscle tone and bone mass. However, it's proven that weight training helps to improve bone density. Simply put, weight lifting helps strengthen your bones and lessens the risk of breakages. Get into it!

    Manages weight

    Consistent weight lifting builds muscle. The more muscle your body holds, the more calories it burns at rest. This means the more you weight train, the more energy you'll burn lounging on the couch! If you're interested in dropping some weight, incorporating weight lifting into your exercise routine can help aid weight loss.

    Prevents back pain

    Weight lifting can strengthen the muscles of your core. Our core muscles help support the spine and can lessen the discomfort caused by sitting all day at a desk. If you are an office worker, strengthening your core is an important priority in offsetting the effects of a less-active lifestyle.

    Builds strength

    It may be obvious, but feeling fitter and stronger can make going about your everyday activities that much easier. Stronger muscles make picking up your children, getting from place to place in a hurry, and being active on the weekends less of an effort.

    Lastly, a message for the ladies. Some women feel that weight lifting will make them look 'bulky'. There's no need to worry, that won't happen. A bodybuilder's physique does not come easy, and casual weight training won't make you look like one.

    A good way to get started is to come along to a Pump class. Let the trainers know that it is your first time and they will make sure to look after you. Otherwise feel free to discuss incorporating weight training with one of our qualified instructors. One of our team can put together a free personalised programme for you as part of your Gym or Gym & Pool membership at any of our Recreation and Sport Centres

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