Take advantage of your membership

Fitness Centre
  • Gym and Gym & Pool members are entitled to a free personal fitness programme.

    One of our highly qualified fitness instructors can update your personal programme every 12 weeks and support you throughout your fitness journey. 

    Whether you prefer group classes or gym training, a personal programme can help you reach your goals and stay on track.

    Your free personal programme includes a:

    • 30 minute consultation to discuss your fitness needs and goals
    • 60 minute training session with a fitness instructor
    • Programme folder listing exercises covered and suggestions
    • 12 week follow-up appointment to discuss your programme and make any changes.
    • A personal programme can give you more confidence using gym equipment, new exercise ideas and the ability to work on your individual fitness needs.

    Access to the gym facilities and group fitness classes are part of Gym and Gym & Pool memberships so we advise you to try both. 

    Talk to one of the qualified fitness instructors at your local Recreation and Sport Centres to find out more about personal programmes.

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