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  • Committing to exercising three to five times a week can be a daunting prospect, often people believe they don’t have enough time in the day to make this a reality.

    Yet the benefits in the short and long term are worth you finding the 30-60 minutes a day.

    The hardest part of any exercise programme is always getting started, followed closely by making it into a habit that will last a lifetime.

    Your local Recreation and Sport Centre has some advice which can make this much easier for you:

    Get a structured programme

    When you have a personalised programme that caters to your specific needs, you are much more likely to get results. Seeing feedback from your body in terms of changes is a great way to stay motivated and increase your desire to show up.

    A great way to start this is to get a personalised fitness programme from one of our qualified instructors - they're free for Gym and Gym & Pool members.

    Make your goals and intentions known

    By informing those closest to you of your intentions to start exercising regularly, you then make yourself accountable to them. These people can encourage you to work out when you’re lacking motivation.

    Set realistic goals

    Don’t expect your dream body to appear in a month. When beginning to establish an exercise habit, set your goals around attendance rather than weight loss or any larger goal.

    If you’re just beginning, commit to three workouts a week and make your first goal to attend the gym 12 times in your first month. By setting realistic and smaller goals you are more likely to achieve them.

    By following these tips, regularly checking in with your trainer and making time to workout at least three times a week, exercising will be a part of your weekly ritual in no time. A complimentary personal programme is offered with Gym and Gym & Pool membership every 12 weeks.  

    Find out more about membership options.

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