Reach a new peak with Revl Everest

Revl Everest - high intensity interval training
  • Revl Everest is a 35-minute, high intensity group training class which offers circuit-style, full-body strength and conditioning workouts to upbeat, uplifting and motivational music.

    With a mix of machines, barbells, weight plates, slam balls, and agility equipment, your coach will guide you through this short, intense workout - no two classes are the same.

    Revl Everest is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. You can go at your own pace and choose the weights for the work out. All activities offer low impact and lower intensity options, so you can get the most out of your workout.

  • Revl Everest regular Belinda shares her story

    "I first started at Christchurch Recreation and Sport about five years ago with a foot injury that meant no running for at least a year. This limited my options somewhat but meant I discovered Pump and Spin classes, which I loved. So much so that five years later, I’m still taking part in about six classes a week.

    A few months ago, a few people suggested I give the Revl Everest classes at Graham Condon a go. I felt reluctant and just carried on doing mainly Spin classes. A few weeks ago, I was pushed for time one Friday morning and one of the coaches (Rob), mentioned to me again, why not give REVL a go, so I did.

    That’s all it took, one class. I loved the fact that I could be in and out within 40 minutes, exhausted, but satisfied I had given it my all.

    For anyone that is time poor, this has to be the class for you. It’s a great combination of cardio and strength training. Everyone is really friendly, the coaches are so encouraging to all fitness levels, and you always know what exercise is coming up.

    I first went along with a couple of injuries but the coaches always give low impact variations or alternatives to suit whatever your needs are.

    I now fit in two to three REVL classes a week and am so pleased I gave it a go. I’m definitely feeling the benefits in my fitness and strength.

    Come along and try it, you’ll be hooked, like me!"

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